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by Chris Twist & Jason Steady



This all started in 2017, in May. Well, I guess it really probably started around the turn of the century. You'll have to allow me to confer with Chris about the exact year we met, but he's in Chicago right now and I'm in Omaha, NE.

Let's say that this all started in 2001 because it sounds cool. We definitely knew each other in 2002 because we went on tour and our van burst into flames and burned down on the side of the highway outside of Houston. True story, I've got photos. Ask me about it sometime.

We've known each other since we were just old enough to not have known each other since we were kids. What I mean is, we're old friends.

In fact, I was trying to make a joke about us being old friends when Chris suggested we name the album Return of the Paisley Angels. We weren't even done with it. I just finished the last of it two days ago, 14 days before it comes out (I've been learning how to play pedal steel guitar for this album and it's hard and takes a long time).

So we're driving in the new van in May of 2017, we decided somewhat on a whim to go on tour out to California and back, and we were looking for something to listen to. Chris fiddles with the radio and starts going through the AM stations until we find a fuzzy country one out in the middle of Wyoming. It made for good driving music and goes perfectly with the view out the van windows.

Anyway, we decided we should make a midwestern country album, wear nice suits, and go on tour again one day. It took a little while, I mean, we live in different states, but we did it.

April 2019


released April 24, 2019

Made by Chris Twist and Jason Steady in Chicago, IL and Omaha, NE

Photo by Adrienne Thomas / Nosferatune


all rights reserved



Jason Steady Omaha, Nebraska

I sing songs, make things, and try to combine those whenever possible.

Made at home in Omaha, NE

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